Tattoo Inks and Pigments: Black Outlining and Color Tattoo Ink

Many color choices, sizes and the best black outlining and shading ink


Color Tattoo & Black Ink

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Fusion Tattoo Ink

The newest ink on the market, brought to you by Adam Everett and Next Generation!

Single Bottles | Primary Color Set | Full Color Sets | Graywash Set

Jeff Gogue Palette | Nikko Hurtado Palette | Rick Walter Palette |

Roman Abrego Palette | Juan Salgado Palette

Eternal tattoo ink

Eternal Tattoo Ink

An excellent range of pigments and color inks.

Single Bottles | Primary Color Set | Full Color Sets | Graywash Set

Muted Earth Tones Set | Portrait Set | Zombie Set |

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Iron Butterfly Ink

Manufactured by the same people that brought you Starbrite.

Single Bottles | Primary Color Set | Full Color Sets

Tattoo supplies


Starbrite Tattoo Ink

Starbrite has been used by professionalartists for over 20 years.

Single Bottles | Color Sets

Tattoo supplies

Wide Variety of Outline and Graywash Ink
This top quality outlining ink is specifically designed for a fast, clean line. It flies in and stays in.

Ink Accessories

Small ink caps

#9 Ink Caps

Small ink caps

Stainless Steel Ink Tray

Small ink caps

1oz & 2oz Twist Top



If you are purchasing items in the state of California, please be sure to read the following:
WARNING: (pursuant California H&S Code ?25249 and B&P Code ?17200 & ?17500): Minerals, metals, organic substances and chemicals may be used in the manufacture of tattoo ink, which create the desired pigment of each ink color. Some metals used could include Antimony, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cobalt, Lead, Lead compounds, Nickel and Selenium, collectively referred to as toxic metals, each of which is a toxic chemical that is known to the State of California to be carcinogenic and/or may result in reproductive harm.

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